Looking for Signs of Broken Water Mains

Your home’s water main is an essential element within the plumbing system. Without it, your home’s plumbing is useless, as the water main is what brings water into the home. Leaks or broken water mains can cause major problems in your home, including structural damage and damage to your home and belongings. It’s not always clear right away that you have a small leak or damaged water main. There are several signs that you can look for to determine if any damage has been done to your home’s water mains. Alexandra, VA plumbing professionals discuss the primary signs that could indicate a break in a water mains Alexandria, VA. Consider the following tell-tale signs of a leaky or broken water main in your home.

Increase in Water Bill

Have you noticed an increase in your water bill? A leaking or loose water main could be using up extra gallons of water each day. Unless there is a direct cause for the jump in your water bill, consider that there could be a small leak. Also consider the other possible causes for your increase in the water bill. For example, your water bill may rise during the summer due to watering the lawn more often. Your plumber can determine the reason for the jump in your water bill.

Soggy Areas in the Yard

A leaking water main can cause water to build up under the soil, resulting in soggy spots over the location of the leak. If these soggy spots are in combination with a higher water bill, the most likely cause is due to a water main leak. You may also notice bulging spots in the yard. When certain types of soil are affected by water, they can create bumps in the yard or cracks in your home’s foundation. Contact your plumber to assess your yard and foundation.

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