Look before you Leap: Some Advice to Those Seeking Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a very personal decision. People have different reasons for wanting to pursue plastic surgery as an option. Sometimes the reason is simple, sometimes it’s more complex, but ultimately it doesn’t matter as it’s a personal choice, and one that’s hard to judge or understand. That’s fine, people do a lot of things for complex or simple reasons, what is important is have a good idea about what you want and who you’re dealing with. You need to explore your options, and find them all out; even in a smaller city like Austin Texas plastic surgery can be daunting but important.

You need a realistic appraisal of what’s possible with plastic surgery, the more dramatic the change the less likely it will look natural. Most people just want a touch up, something to improve one or two features they don’t like. They’re not looking to make themselves look like a cat lady (it’s happened, look it up) or to look 60 years younger than they are. A good plastic surgeon should be able to make sure your plastic surgery goals are realistic and feasible, and if you’re pushing it the risks you’re taking.

You need a good surgeon, not just someone skilled with a knife but someone with a deep knowledge of the field. It’s important to look into someone’s background and credentials. You want someone experienced, you don’t want someone who’s just offering you cheap surgery but isn’t qualified. Don’t be afraid to ask about their credentials and training. It might seem rude but it’s better than the alternative.

Ask to see examples of their work; this will give you an idea of what they have done, what you should expect and the skill of the surgeon. Keep in mind they will only their best, so if you see shoddy work, then it’s a big warning sign since that’s their best foot forward. The other advice when looking for a doctor is that you will have to make return trips and check-ins. In summation: find someone who’s certified and local (if you live in Austin you want your plastic surgery to happen in Austin) who will be honest with you, you also need to be honest with yourself and have a realistic appraisal of what you can get and want. Other than that the other big advice is to give yourself time to heal. Plastic surgery is still surgery, some of it is fairly major, so don’t expect to be in the office the next day and pretending nothing happened. You need to have time to heal fully. With that in mind, happy hunting and good luck, if plastic surgery is something you’re interested in hopefully this has helped and you have a good experience.

Plastic Surgery AustinIt’s important to explore your options on the different types of plastic surgery available in Austin. Dr. Craig Staebel and staff at Georgetown Plastic Surgery trust they can withstand your scrutiny, and more importantly help you prepare for any operation you want or need. If you’re exploring your options visit them at http://www.georgetownplasticsurgery.com/ or call 512.686.1650.

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