Liverpool’s Jersey Reflects the Club’s History

In the United Kingdom, the Liverpool Football Club has won more European trophies than any other English club, and is widely popular among football (i.e., soccer) fans all over the world. The highlight of Liverpool’s ascendancy was in the 1970s and 1980s when the club was led by a dynamic pair of coaches who helped to deliver eleven league titles and seven European victories. The English club has earned a total of eighteen League titles, as well as seven FA cups and eight league cups.

Despite two tragedies which occurred in the club’s history – one in 1985 when a wall collapsed and 39 fans were crushed, causing the club to be banned from competition in Europe for six years, and again in 1989 in Hillsborough when 96 people were crushed to death against a boundary fence – Liverpool began a slow comeback over the following decades and remains a very popular club followed by millions of supporters all around the world. Many of them show their vigor and love for the club by wearing the latest years home jersey for home games, as well as the Liverpool away jersey for 2013 for games played outside their home arena.

In 1894, the club changed from a white and blue home jersey to adopt the city’s official color: red, and from that point on has more or less embraced an all red home kit. The famous home kit includes an ensemble of red jersey, red short and red socks for a full-on psychological affect, the color red symbolizing aggression, danger and power.

By contrast, the away strip varies between yellow and white shirts coupled with black shorts, and a short jaunt with an all gray away kit in the late 1980s. It didn’t last long, though, and the club returned to yellow or white away jerseys until 2008, when the all gray kit was reintroduced and remains the colors for the Liverpool away jersey for 2013.

The Liverpool Away jersey 2013 features the Liverpool badge above the left breast, which is an emblem derived from the city’s liver bird. There are many myths and legends regarding the mythical creature, which is a fairly recent invention, but the most relevant one is probably that which portrays the liver bird as the protector of Liverpool. Flames were temporarily added to the emblem to symbolize the eternal flame that memorializes those who were lost in the Hillsborough tragedy. The flames were relocated to the back collar in 2012, surrounding the number 96, representing the number of people whose lives were lost.

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