Legal Trouble Can Lead to an Alcohol Rehab Center in Wilmington DE

In some instances, men and women realize they should begin treatment in an alcohol rehab center in Wilmington, DE, because they have gotten into some kind of legal trouble. This could be a major problem like causing a serious car accident while driving under the influence or it could be less severe, such as being cited for disorderly conduct while being intoxicated. Intoxication is commonly connected with disorderly conduct situations.

Disorderly Conduct

Different jurisdictions call disorderly conduct violations by different names. The behavior might be referred to as disturbing the peace. When alcohol is involved, the offense might be categorized as drunk and disorderly. Usually, someone must be behaving in a noticeably offensive or troublesome way for a police officer to issue a citation or make an arrest.


In most instances, this type of offense is a misdemeanor. Nevertheless, it may still be a wake-up call about the possibility of treatment in an alcohol rehab center in Wilmington, DE. Later on, the person may be embarrassed about having behaved this way. Smaller towns may even publish lists of these types of minor offenses. Social media sites sometimes publish police scanner calls.

More Serious Charges

Depending on the circumstances, the fine for disorderly conduct can be steep and a judge might even issue a jail sentence or probation. Often, this happens when another offense has been charged related to the drunk and disorderly episode. That might be assault, for example, if the intoxicated person started a fistfight with somebody in a bar. A judge might be more lenient if the defendant has begun treatment at Pace Inc.

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