Learning About Regulations for Swimming Pool Fences in St Paul

Fences in St Paul are essential for any homeowners who plan to have a pool installed in the yard. In fact, in St. Paul, property owners who plan to do this are required by law to submit a fence plan to the appropriate government agency. Homeowners may hear about fence regulations for pools at apartment buildings, hotels and other settings, but they should understand that the laws are different for residential properties.

Main Purpose

The main function of these structures is to keep the area safe by blocking young children who might venture into the pool unsupervised. This is why the city law is so strict about fencing.

Other Advantages

Pool owners have other advantages when they fence in their pool as well. The structure blocks companion animals and many kinds of wildlife that might otherwise be curious about the pool. It should be effective for deterring trespassers, like neighborhood teenagers, who might think it would be fun to indulge in a swim at night when nobody is home.

The city also requires a privacy fence of some sort around the pool that obstructs views from the outside. This is another advantage for pool owners, as they are able to shield their activities from neighbors and passersby. Homeowners often choose to have a chain link fence around the pool and a wood or vinyl privacy fence constructed around the entire backyard. In St. Paul, residential swimming pools are not allowed in front of the house or in side yards.

Various Requirements

The gate must latch automatically when it is closed. The latch must be on the inside of the fenced-in area, and it must not be situated in a way that a child on the outside of the fence could use it to get in. The ability for the gate to be locked is required. The pool fence and privacy fence must be at least 4 ft. tall. After swimming pool Fences in St Paul have been constructed by a contractor such as Dakota Unlimited, they must be reviewed by a city building inspector. Learn more about Dakota Unlimited at the website.

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