Learning About IVF Cost in San Antonio, Texas

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Health

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In Vitro Fertilization may be the best hope for couples with fertility problems. It helps to have a caring team of doctors working with you. IVF candidates spend a lot of time learning about the process and asking questions. Standard medical protocol requires patients to undergo three cycles of intrauterine insemination using clomid. Clomid is a drug that helps patients produce more eggs. If this is unsuccessful, patients move on to three rounds using injections designed to develop multiple follicles in the ovaries.

Hopefully, the follicles develop into eggs. The injections stimulate follicle and egg growth for about ten days. Women undergo blood and ultrasound testing every one to three days to monitor the development of the follicles. Most physicians want at least three follicles to turn into eggs to go ahead with retrieval. Many families are concerned about IVF Cost in San Antonio TX. Usually, only a portion of the procedure is covered by health insurance. The Fertility Institute of Texas has years of experience helping couples become families. Contact them for the answers you need.

Patients receive IV sedation during egg retrieval. The out-patient process takes about thirty minutes. The male partner will be asked to give a sample that day, as well, for the insemination. The eggs are checked the next day to see how many are fertilized. The fertilized eggs are now called embryos and are allowed to grow to day three or five. Amazingly, the physician uses an ultrasound to help him insert the embryos with a tiny catheter. Patients normally start taking progesterone before the embryo transfer and continue until they are ten weeks pregnant. Many patients may want to know about Fast Track IVF Cost in San Antonio TX. Fast track IVF allows women to skip the injection phase. It is most often used in older women as success rates go down with age. Interestingly, physicians say pregnancy rates are similar with standard IVF or the fast track method. The downside to the fast track method is that women lose the chance to become pregnant using only the hormone injections. Nonetheless, the physician examines each patient’s history and recommends a treatment.

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