Learn How Floor Heating Cable Can Provide Comfort within Your Home

Adding a floor heating cable under your floor covering is a wonderful way to keep rooms within your home safe and comfortable. Heated floors are wonderful in bathrooms, bedrooms, and main living areas. They provide a nice even heat, feel amazing on your feet, and are ideal for homes with small children.

Design Freedom

Heated floors allow you to design your room any way you like without worrying about unsightly vents or radiators. It also gives you more freedom when it comes to placing the furniture. Heating cables can be used under any type of flooring, including laminates, tile, stone, wood, and carpet.

Energy Efficient

A heated floor will heat a room front the floor up which creates a comfortable and consistent heat throughout the room. Traditional types of heating require the unit to be heated to an excessive temperature before it can warm the air. Modern heated floors maintain a lower, more uniform heat to warm the room. This consumes less energy and lowers utility costs.


There are no hot surfaces or sharp edges to worry about with a heated floor around children. All cables are safely hidden under your floor covering, and it never gets too hot to touch.

Adding floor heating cable underneath your typical floor covering is a great way to enjoy an even and comfortable heat in any room. You will enjoy the many benefits this type of heat offers, and it is easy to install with little to no maintenance required over time.

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