Learn Exciting Information on Dental Implants in Wichita KS

A beautiful smile can often become marred when a person loses a tooth due to an injury, cavity, or infection. People who are missing some of their teeth often find it difficult to smile with confidence simply because they are afraid they will be judged by the appearance of their teeth. Thankfully, the dentist can treat patients with dental implants in Wichita KS. Implants replace a person’s missing teeth and help them recover the beauty and full function of their smile.

To find out if a person can receive dental implants, an examination is in order. The dentist will carefully check the bone structure of the jaw and will most likely take a few X-ray films to determine what implant will work best. An implant is comprised of three different parts that are brought together in stages. The dentist first needs to perform the most invasive part of the procedure by placing the titanium implants in the jawbone.

The titanium implants will later act as the root system of the prosthetic teeth that will be put in place. A strong base must be in place or the implant teeth will not look natural and will not be able to perform under the extensive pressed that is exuded during chewing. Titanium is used because this metal will bond with the bone so the implants become a part of the jawbone.

When the bonding process has taken place, an abutment is added to each implant. The gum tissue must be given time so the abutment has a collar of gum tissue around it. This collar mimics the natural look of gum tissue surrounding the base of a natural tooth. With this collar in place, the teeth will look much more natural.

Finally, the prosthetic tooth will be put in place so the smile is complete. These three parts become one single piece, allowing a person to have their smile completed and beautiful. With the teeth in place, a person will no longer feel ashamed of smiling.

Those who are interested in dental implants Wichita KS should contact their dentist right away to get started. With dental implants, the problems of chewing and enjoying foods are no longer a problem and a person can smile with confidence.

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