Land Surveyors in Austin Certify the Location and Ownership of Property

It’s one thing to look at a map and see how parcels of land are laid out. It’s another thing to know exactly where that parcel is located in the landscape. It’s the job of Land Surveyors in Austin to locate parcels of land on the ground. Once they have determined the location of a property, they place concrete markers at the corners of the lot. If the lot is a simple rectangle, only four markers are needed to ensure that a property owner can easily locate their property boundaries. If it is a complex lot shape, local law determines how many markers must be used. Some require that each change in direction be marked while others only require a percentage to be located.

Many counties and cities require that structures be set back specific distances from the property lines. Only Land Surveyors in Austin can certify that the structure was built in accordance with the local zoning codes. Usually, local governments require the builder to have a land surveyor complete a plot plan proving it complies with local zoning. Normally, an occupancy permit will not be granted until this step is completed.

Many local zoning codes now allow developers to create residential developments that preserve the most important environmental aspects of a site. This includes wetlands, wildlife habits, important stands of trees, and even historic structures. A land surveyor is responsible for creating a map that shows all of the critical resource areas that will be protected. Then, they create a series of overlay maps that show how the proposed development will affect these resources. Often, land surveyors work for engineering firms because their work overlaps engineering tasks. For example, a civil engineer designs the road and the land surveyor actually stakes the location of the center of the road in the field. This allows local planners to determine the impact of the road on the landscape.

Developers looking for a coordinated approach to land development can view They will see a summary of the capabilities of the engineering and surveying teams. Land surveyors are the professionals that certify the ownership of the land. They also determine if there are any easements or mortgages that could interfere with the proposed development.

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