Keeping Cool with a Well-tuned AC in Mesa

The summer months are warmer than ever it seems in Arizona and this can make the cost of keeping your home cool even more expensive. The costs of energy also are skyrocketing. As such, you want to make sure that your AC in Mesa is doing its best work and running at its most efficient. An air conditioner has a lot of stress put on it during the hot months of summer. If your home is not shaded, this is even more the case, as the hot sun beats down on your home.

What can you do to keep your AC in Mesa working to cool your home as efficiently as possible? Proper maintenance is to keep and can be performed by an air conditioning contractor such as Chandler Air Inc. It’s best to make an appointment in the spring for the technician to come to your home to inspect the air conditioning equipment, and to take measures for preventive maintenance and repair.

Doing this work in the spring will make it so that you are not left in the sweltering heat if the AC doesn’t work. Many other people will discover that their AC is not working and this will make the wait times for service repairs much longer. By having a little foresight, you won’t be left in this situation.

The technician will look at your air conditioner’s components. This includes the compressor outside. All grass and other materials need to be kept away from this component, because free air flow in and out of the device in needed for the system to work right. The coolant level will be checked and recharged of needed. Of course, the technician will also look for any leaks and will repair them is they are present.

It’s important to keep the unit clean and this includes the filters and the air ducts. Dirt is the worst enemy, as it clogs and prevents free air flow, and it causes wear on moving parts. The motors and fans need to be cleaned and lubricated. The technician will also inspect the thermostat for proper function and he will clean it as well.

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