Keep Your Teeth Looking Great: Visit a Wichita Dentist

There are many reasons to visit a Wichita Dentist, but some of the most popular include a bright, white smile or straight, beautiful teeth. The former can usually be obtained with teeth whitening procedures, and the latter is possible through a variety of dental processes. For instance, straightening teeth is possible by the use of regular braces, hidden braces, or removable aligners. In cases where the teeth are misshapen or slightly crooked, the dentist may suggest the use of dental veneers. Teeth can also be repaired and covered with caps or crowns, and gaps from missing teeth can be filled with implants or through the use of bridges or other dental appliances.

With all of these options, it can be difficult for a patient to know exactly what the dentist will be doing. For instance, dental whitening seems like a simple procedure from the patient’s perspective, but there is a complex chemical process taking place. When you have a dentist whiten your teeth, they apply a gel or paste made from carbamide peroxide. This is a mild form of peroxide which is gentle to the mouth. Once the carbamide comes into contact with water, it begins a chemical reaction that changes the original peroxide into hydrogen peroxide. This chemical action is what removes the stains. It forces the peroxide into the enamel where the stains are located. Contact Dental Corner for more details.

One of the most important processes a dentist can provide is filling the gaps caused by missing or damaged teeth. A single lost tooth leave space the remaining teeth will attempt to fill. This can leave you with crooked teeth or teeth that are slightly loose. With a single missing tooth or a few missing teeth, the dentist may suggest implants. This is a procedure that places an inert metal stud, usually titanium, into the jaw. Once the wound has healed and the stud is secure, the dentist will cover the stud with a permanent crown.

Alternatives to implants include the use of bridges or partial plates. The latter is not as common as it once was because modern adhesives make the use of bridges preferable. A bridge is secured to surrounding teeth which means the dentist may need to remove a portion of the existing tooth to make room for anchoring. If you are searching for a Wichita Dentist, be sure to visit an expert like the Dental Corner Wichita.

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