Joyful Companions: A Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mission to Believe in

Established in 2007, Joyful Companions Home Care is run by two former social workers, women who have years of experience in helping others. Those who work under the women’s management staff praise their employers for their compassion and careful attention to the residents, along with their problem-solving abilities, as well as their understanding of employees’ needs. These employees in Minneapolis, MN, appreciate the managements’ flexibility with their schedules so that they can meet personal responsibilities. The workers also appreciate the independence that they are afforded in responding to the clients’ needs that frequently change.

A Qualified, Caring Staff

The caring staff of Joyful Companions home care jobs in Minneapolis, MN, is composed of licensed social workers with college degrees and years of experience. This caring staff is very capable of adjusting to the individual needs of the residents. For, they conscientiously assess the best level of attention and service for the loved ones of families, along with providing the best resources for the individual families as changes occur with what is needed. Members of this staff have personally experienced living with a family member who has dementia or Alzheimer’s, so they have personal experience, as well.

Excellent Management

The two owners of Joyful Companions Home Care who are also social workers, Jeri Gort, who has 30 years of experience, and Lindsey Walker, who has a Master’s degree in Social Work, are both members of the Minnesota Association of Home Care Social Workers (MAHCSW). This company of home care jobs in Minneapolis, MN, constantly works to provide the best care, compassion and understanding to their residents. Joyful Companions continue to improve their home care job in Minneapolis, MN, and they will do the best they can for people’s loved ones. Follow them on Facebook.

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