It’s Not The Electric Chair – It’s An Electronic Toilet Seat

I suppose that, in colder climes; and for outside toilets; some form of electric heating might be useful to warm up a toilet seat before you sit on it. However, that is not the electronic toilet seat that I now want to tell you about. Neither is it one of those wonderful electronic toilet systems that you might find in your hotel bathroom on a visit to Japan – the ones where the sitter has a bank of buttons that can be pushed – and, if you can read Japanese, you might know what they do. The more curious among us might experiment with the various hot and cold water jets and warm or cold air blasts that can be directed onto your nether quarters at the push of a button (but, they do say that “curiosity killed the cat).

This Is An Electronically Controlled System For Applying & Disposing Of Toilet Seat Covers

Do I hear you ask – why, what use is that? If so, stop and think about it a while. I am not talking about what you do in the privacy of your own home; rather it’s about what you are forced to do from time to time while you are away from home. It is difficult to spend time away from home and not need to use a toilet at some time or another – depending on the need, nature has made this an easier task for men than it is for women (at least in the context of modern, urban, western life).

The Public Rest Room

The “Ladies” will (ideally) have a communal washing and make up area plus a number of stalls or cubicles; each with a door and a pedestal type toilet bowl inside. Here in the west, we also expect the toilet bowl to be provided with a seat for the user’s comfort and a piped in water supply for flushing the bowl clean after use. It goes without saying that each cubicle should have a handy supply of toilet tissue. The “Gentlemen’s” has a urinal and fewer cubicles but is basically similar.

The Hygiene Problem

It is logical that we all have concerns about putting our naked backsides down on a surface that numerous total strangers have also been sitting on – there could be germs and we could possibly catch “something”. The electronic toilet seat will simply and efficiently allay all our fears.

Wave your hand in front of a wall mounted sensor and a layer of clean plastic will snake out of one side of the seat’s hinges and work its way around to cover the whole of the seat’s curved upper surface. As it does this, any earlier cover disappears into the other side’s hinge area. Beautiful, you get a virgin clean, hygienic surface ready for you to sit on; courtesy of the electronic toilet seat.