Issues That Can Be Resolved with a Grease Trap Cleaning in Edison, NJ

The grease trap catches a great deal of material. Once it becomes full, problems with the plumbing will start. These are some of the plumbing issues that can be resolved with a thorough cleaning. Cleaning out the grease trap on a regular basis will help keep the waste water draining properly.

One of the issues in which a Grease Trap Cleaning in Edison NJ can resolve is slow drainage. Once the grease trap reaches its maximum capacity, the water may struggle through this system as it heads down the drain. Instead of draining in a few seconds, it can take a few minutes to head down the drain. As a result, the water can leave a film which creates the need for more cleaning sessions.

Backups can also result from a full grease trap. Any items running down with the drain in the water can get trapped in a mess already contained in the grease trap. This will stop the water flowing downward. Much like a plug, the draining water will backup into the sink. While a chemical cleaner may temporarily resolve the issue, the problem will continue until the system is properly cleaned. If something other than organic material has been caught in the grease trap, the backup may still occur even if chemical cleaners are used.

Grease Trap Cleaning in Edison NJ can also resolve issues with under-the-sink leakage that can lead to water issues and mold problems. The grease trap is contained underneath the sink. If the pressure from the water becomes too much, it can cause leakage to occur. Once the trap is taken apart, the connections can be cleaned. The plumbing tape can be reapplied to the threads, and the water-tight seal can be reestablished. This will stop any future leakage from occurring.

The grease trap is an important part of the drainage system since it catches things that might block piping down the road. Because it can fill up over time, a regular cleaning will help resolve these type of plumbing issues. Visit us for more information on scheduling an appointment to get the grease trap cleaned.

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