Is It Time to See One of the Podiatrists in Kenosha?

There is no reason to put up with pain in the feet or lower legs. The best approach is to pick up the phone and make an appointment with one of the Podiatrists in Kenosha. Here are some of the signs that the day has come to make that call.

Discolored Toenails

While it is not unusual for a toenail to turn yellow or black after stubbing a toe or dropping something on the foot, what if the nail is discolored and neither of those events took place? There is a good chance that some sort of infection has set up under the nail. Rather than running the risk of things getting worse, it pays to see one of the Podiatrists in Kenosha at the earliest possible date. Choosing to address the matter now rather than later will reduce the chances of complications in the future.

Pain in the Heels

Lately, the heel on one foot seems to throb every time any amount of weight is placed on the foot. A quick check proves there is no splinter or sliver of glass to cause the pain. In fact, the heel looks perfectly normal. A podiatrist will know how to examine the heel more closely and identify the origin of the discomfort. With the right treatment, the pain will be gone, and the patient can walk again in comfort.

Stiffness in the Toes

Wiggling the toes is no longer an option. Trying to do so sends waves of pain up the ankles and into the lower legs. While the pain is not quite as severe after soaking the feet, it is still present. By choosing to see a podiatrist, it is possible to find out if there is some sort of inflammation caused by an allergy or maybe even the onset of arthritis. Knowing what is wrong is the first step toward correcting the problem and easing the pain.

To learn more about how a podiatrist can help, visit and find out more about what these medical professionals have to offer. From there, schedule an appointment with Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers podiatrist and get the relief that will make getting around much easier.

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