Is It Time for New Overhead Garage Doors in Newton MA?

Even the most well crafted overhead garage doors in Newton MA will eventually need replacing. In order to determine if that time has come, be on the lookout for some tell tale signs. Here are some examples that would indicate that the homeowner needs to begin making plans for replacement.

The Door Sticks

One of the most common signs that overhead garage doors in Newton MA need to be replaced is sticking. If the doors are hard to raise and lower, even with the use of a motor, then something is definitely wrong. It could be that the tracks are damaged, or that the motor needs replacing. At other times, it is a defect with the door itself. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional look at the door and identify the origin of the problem.

Parts of the Door Are Weakening

While this is most likely to occur with wooden doors, it can also happen with garage doors made using aluminum or vinyl. In some cases, it may be possible to simply replace those sections. At other times, the design of the door makes repairs impractical. The best bet is to replace the entire door with something that is less likely to develop the same type of problem in the years to come.

The Home is Being Remodeled

If the homeowner is choosing to have the outside of the home altered to any significant extent, that could mean that the garage and the garage door may no longer blend into the general design. Rather than have the garage look run down and out of place, it makes sense to update the structure. That will sometimes mean doing away with an older overhead door and bringing in one that is more in line with the new look.

When in doubt, it never hurts to get the opinion of a professional. By contacting a company like Collins Overhead Door, the homeowner can obtain suggestions for making repairs or even managing a replacement that will provide the benefits desired. Best of all, that professional can discuss the pros and cons of different door designs and ensure that the owner can choose something that is both attractive and functions efficiently.

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