Is a Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia, WA Right for Your Case?

You want an experienced personal injury attorney in Olympia, WA in cases of significant value as yours. Do not make the mistake of hiring a lawyer that has rarely taken on these types of cases. You would not go to your doctor for financial advice, right? Why choose a legal professional that knows nothing of personal injury law?

Resolving these types of claims is costly. They can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even a simple personal accident claim can cost as little as $25,000. Most personal injury lawyers warn about the costs when taking on your claim. The right lawyer would not ask for a refund if they were unsuccessful in the case. You want a lawyer who will advance the costs and remuneration. This means they take on the costs, and you only pay if they win your case.

What does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer? Almost all lawyers work for a fee of sorts. This means that their payment will depend on a percentage of the recovery. If they do not win, you do not pay. Often the fee is higher if the case is more complex, takes longer and is more expensive. This percentage should be carefully examined in an agreement signed by the client and the personal injury attorney in Olympia, WA. These agreements and rates are not set by law and are negotiable between the parties. Remember, you want a lawyer that will work for a contingency fee.

There are things you should ask your attorney before you hire them. For instance, how long has the lawyer practiced law? Has the lawyer or law firm taken plenty of cases to trial, and won? You need a lawyer that has lots of experience in the litigation department. Will your lawyer or law firm advance costs to continue your case? It is vital to choose an attorney that will take on your case for a contingency fee.

Can the lawyer show testimonials from past clients? How many similar cases has the lawyer successfully handled? You need a lawyer who has had successful experiences in cases like yours. Does your lawyer provide free consultations? Answering these questions before settling on a lawyer is very important. Contact Putnam Lieb Potvin Attorneys at Law for more information.

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