Invisalign Braces: Technology Changes Everything

Technology has made great strides in the medical world at altering many procedures. In the world of orthodontics, changes that began with the first College of Orthodontics in 1901, have moved along bringing new and exciting changes. In the 1950s, it was the replacement of traditional metals in dental braces with stainless steel. In the 1970s, it was direct bonding. In 1997, a major breakthrough was made. These were Invisalign braces. In Minneapolis, orthodontists began to employ the device using it on adults.

Invisalign Braces: Their Purpose
Invisalign braces at Kottemann Orthodontics in Minneapolis, changed the nature of the business. While other improvements in braces made the practice of wearing braces more acceptable and less painful for children, Invisalign braces in Minneapolis appealed immediately to an adult crowd. As a result, almost half of those who sought to correct their teeth using braces were now adults.

While it is true that Invisalign braces in Minneapolis is not the only option in this city or any other, it has become very popular. This type of orthodontic appliance makes it possible for adults to function in the real world. It is not only a device for straightening adult teeth – which differ considerably from those of children and young adults, but also an apparatus that recognizes and even serves the needs of adults and their lifestyle.

Yet, the purpose of these invisible aligners is the same as that for the braces of children. Invisalign is installed to straighten improperly aligned teeth. Although the period of time required to do so is lengthier than that of traditional braces, it will accomplish its purpose. It will, according to the professionals at Kottemann Orthodontics if, and this is an important IF, the individual is committed to fulfilling he requirements.

What Do Invisalign Braces Require?
Adults who opt for Invisalign are required to have their teeth fitted with custom, computer-designed, vacuum formed, clear plastic aligners. They are removable orthodontic appliances. They are created in series, which you change or upgrade every two weeks. These act on your teeth to gradually shift them into the desired location. The process requires visits to the orthodontist over an extended period time, some clients of Kottemann Orthodontics may only require an average total treatment time of a few months; others will have to visit their orthodontist for up to one year and a half.

This requires total commitment to the process. It demands you have the patience and the ability to adopt a schedule that ensures you are there to have the new set installed. It is also necessary that you be able to afford it.

Invisalign Braces in Minneapolis
There are issues concerning Invisalign. Experts at Kottemann Orthodontics agree they are not for everyone. Yet, they do provide adults with the ability to straighten their teeth and to continue to lead a normal life. At work and at play, Invisalign lives up to its reputation. They are almost invisible.

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