Interior Design Services in Colorado Shares How to Hang Artwork in Rental Homes

A rental house might benefit from the color and individuality that wall hangings and artwork can bring. We’ll do everything we can to prevent harm, even though using a few nails now can be simple to remedy afterward. So, what else do you have that a nail doesn’t? Interior design services in Colorado are here to let you in on a little secret.

Picture Hanging Strips Are Perfect

Interior design services in Colorado share that picture hanging strips are an excellent option to consider rather than drilling holes in the wall. They come in a wide variety of forms and dimensions, and they can hold picture frames, posters, and canvases of a wide range of sizes and weights. The fact that they are versatile enough to be utilized on various wall materials, such as plasterboard, tile, metal, wood, and glass, is a bonus.

How to Hang Artwork Using Hanging Strips

Niche Design House recommends making sure your wall is free of dust and debris by cleaning it well. Then mark your location using a spirit level and a pencil, and ask someone nearby for help if you need assistance.

Attach your strips by placing one group in each of the four corners. Mount the frame on the wall, holding it there for a quarter of a minute to ensure that the strips have adhered properly. Slide the frame up and off the wall. To ensure the strips are secure, remove the frame and lay it aside for one hour to allow the glue to set. Re-hang, and you should be good to go!!!