Interesting Facts About Sushi

Do you consider yourself to be a great foodie? Then you must taste sushi – health and taste packed into one recipe. However, there are many interesting facts about the dish that you might not be aware of. Continue reading if you are interested to know a lot more about this delicious item.


Is sushi all about raw fish?

It is a Japanese dish that is also widely popular outside Japan. It is usually enjoyed during special occasions and celebrations. Although, a few of the varieties of the dish is prepared with pickled fish and rise as the main ingredients, not  all the varieties comprise the same stuffs. There are actually different varieties of it available in restaurants that serve Japanese dishes. Following is a list of the common varieties of sushi:


  • Nigiri: It is basically small rice balls with different types of fishes like tuna, eel, squid, octopus, and shrimps.
  • Gunkan: It is a tasty dish that is prepared with small rice balls wrapped in dried seaweed. It is filled with seafood and a preparation of different types of fishes. There are many ingredients that can be used for the preparation of Gunkan.
  • Norimaki: It is also a type of dish that is prepared with rice and seafood wrapped with seaweed sheets. Sometimes, the Norimaki varieties are packed inside out to look and taste differently.
  • Temaki: These are also called hand rolls. The item is in the shape of a cone made of nori seaweed. It is packed with vegetables, seafood, and rice.
  • Oshizushi: It is basically a pressed form of the dish. The fish or the seafood is pressed on to the rise with a wooden box.


There are some more popular varieties of the dish that you will be able to enjoy at a reputed restaurant that serves good quality Japanese food. However, you should remember that not all the reputed restaurants around the place you live in can make great Japanese dishes. Therefore, it is advised that you should only eat at a specialized Japanese restaurant. If you want to avoid poorly prepared fish and lack of taste in the rice, you should choose a eatery carefully. Here’s how you can choose a restaurant correctly and enjoy a delicious preparation of sushi:


  • Remember, price is not an indicator when it comes to good food. Therefore, you should consider the quality of food and avoid costly restaurants with low quality preparations.
  • All Japanese restaurants are not good places to eat sushi. Research about the quality of food served by referring to the website of the restaurant.
  • Another thing you should consider is the restaurant’s menu. Check whether it is serving all the types of sushi mentioned above.


The next time you are planning to eat sushi, Manchester should the place to, comprise a few good Japanese eateries.

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