Injured in a Truck Crash? Hire a Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI

All car accidents are scary experiences. However, when a large 18-wheel tractor trailer truck is heading toward an average car, it’s a terrifying experience. If the driver and passengers manage to survive, they can be badly injured for life. In addition to the injuries and lost wages, they will also have to deal with a large trucking company and their lawyers. They will need to hire a Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI area to level the playing field. The lawyer will help them file a claim to receive financial compensation.

Once a patient has been treated for their injuries and the doctors have determined their prognosis, a lawyer can file a claim with the trucker’s insurance company. The lawyer will have to prove that their client was injured due to the accident and enumerate the cost of treating the injury. This can get complicated if it is a traumatic brain injury or the spinal cord was damaged. These types of injuries can last a lifetime. The insurance company will try to minimize future costs. A Trucking Accidents Lawyer from the Bleakley Law Offices will know medical experts to use to prove the amount requested is the correct amount.

The lawyer must also prove that the truck driver was negligent. This could include reviewing their driving records to show that they could not have gotten the proper amount of sleep required by federal trucking regulations. It’s very important that an injured person hire a Trucking Accidents Lawyer Grand Rapids MI to ensure that vital evidence is preserved. Trucking companies use sophisticated GPS tracking devices to monitor their fleet. They also install black boxes that are similar to those used in aircraft. If a timely lawsuit isn’t filed, this documentation can be lost.

The trucking company may also send a lawyer to the injured person’s hospital room to offer a settlement. It will probably be much lower than recommended to pay for the total cost of medical treatment, lost income and pain and suffering. Unfortunately if the injured person signs it, they are probably signing away the ability to ever collect any additional funds. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible will prevent this from happening. Visit Bleakley Law Offices, P.C. For more info.

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