Information On Paving Stones Pittsburgh

Paving stones are a stone slab or a concrete slab. Paving Stones Pittsburgh is a good way to replace certain aspects in your yard or driveway, like concrete, dirt or even asphalt driveways. Paving stones are manufactured in a way that makes them stronger than concrete. Concrete can usually withstand around 2000 PSI whereas paving stones can withstand pressures of excess of 8000 PSI. These types of stones are made from a sand base mixture; they do not move around at all and remain flexible. Unlike concrete which can be hard and brittle and be prone to cracking. Paving stones are not like concrete at all and are more resistant to heat or cooling expansions. If your concrete driveway was to crack you would have to repair it. By doing this it would leave a scar mark on the concrete. If paving stones become damaged in any way, it is a lot easier to remove the individual stones versus replacing your whole driveway.

There are different types of designs that you can do with paving stones. One of the systems is a keystone rear lip. These rear lid systems are good for Terrace walls or for Retaining walls up to 3 feet. Another system is called keystone pinned, these typically are used for noncritical walls. These walls can be short, tall and be used for a variety of applications. Another design is called country Manor; this type of design has an old world charm to it. Old world charm typically have freestanding walls. They are designed to be critical and a noncritical walls, so you can make them short or even tall. Colonial walls using paving stones can give your property appearance character, charm and increase property value.

Paving stones can be used for many different applications from borders, flowerbeds, slopes, large hills and small planter walls. These types of paving stones are made of high compressed strength concrete. They are noncorrosive with low water absorption which allows them to have longer life durability. When installing the stones there is no need for mortar. Since these paving stones do not need mortar, it allows for water drainage through the wall face of your design. For more information about Paving Stones Pittsburgh go to