Information About Augers in Oregon

An auger is a drill like tool that is used to drill holes in pavement, soil, stone and rock. They may also be used in places such as Alaska in an effort to open up a hole in the ice for fishing purposes. There are several different types of augers. Some of them are used for heavy duty drilling in landscaping or environmental projects. An auger is generally powered by an engine that requires diesel or fuel to run. When viewing augers there are several specifications that will be noticed. This will include the rating, fuel capacity, transmission ratio, gearbox information, drive and working range. There are also specifications such as speed, weight and thrust. Here is some more basic information about these useful tools.

Some uses for Augers in Oregon may include digging holes to plant trees or set fence posts. Those are just some examples of the smaller projects that the tool can be used for. Larger more extensive projects such as highway or road construction will require use of a more powerful and much larger auger.

When choosing augers in Oregon area it is required that you first choose a power head. The high speed heads are intended to be used with a bit that is smaller than 12 inches. If the ground you are digging on is hard it is important to consider one that has more torque. Softer ground will require a higher speed. The digging surface is really what will determine the size and type that you will need to use.

Bit size will range anywhere from about six inches on up to 30 inches wide. A 12 inch bit is the most commonly used size. This is because it can be used for smaller projects such as setting fence posts. Choose the width of the bit first. After that has been chosen it is possible to purchase extensions to the bit length can be added to. The extension allows users to change the auger from one length to another.

Using the wrong size auger can result in a disaster. It’s always important that you make sure you select the right size. Some are portable and lightweight. Many of them are easy to operate. When shopping for an auger it is best to seek the input and help from a professional who understands all specifications of the tool.

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