Improving Your Smile With New Dental Treatments

Modern dentistry offers everyone the opportunity to have healthy teeth and a bright, appealing smile. There are several procedures dentists use to improve oral aesthetics, whether it’s for cosmetic or restorative purposes. These procedures and more are offered through a prominent dentist in Hinsdale.

Teeth Whitening
One of the most popular aesthetic treatments, teeth whitening has better and longer results when performed by a dentist. Over-the-counter products may have some temporary affect, if there is an affect at all. Bleaching provided by a dentist is proven to be four times stronger than at-home products. Dental whitening penetrates the surface of your teeth and more effectively bleaches stains.

These offer patients an option when they need a tooth (or teeth) replaced, and it’s important that they look as natural as possible, while being strong and reliable. There are several situations when a veneer replacement may be the best option, including cracked or badly chipped teeth, missing teeth, or to fill major gaps.

Dental Bonding
Teeth that have chips, small gaps, or other minor defects may benefit from dental bonding. Made of composite dental resin, it is applied directly to a tooth. The dentist then works the resin to a natural-looking shape. After it hardens, the dentist polishes it to a great-looking shine.

Other Applications
Teeth straightening using Invisalign is popular in lieu of traditional braces. Laser teeth whitening is an advanced whitening treatment that lightens tooth pigmentation up to nine times brighter.

Dentistry by Design is a leading dentist in Hinsdale that offers these and other advanced cosmetic and restorative treatments. Visit our website and learn more about how we can help you have the best smile possible.

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