Improve Your Smile With Help From Dentures Greenville, WI

Caring for your teeth and smile can be important for your oral health. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option for everyone, and there are times when a patient needs to have what’s left of their teeth replaced. If you are only missing some teeth, you may wish to consider dental implants. Implants are a technology where a stud is secured in the jaw to hold a crown and fill the space of the missing tooth. In cases where there are multiple teeth missing, the dentist can implant studs that secure a bridge in place. Using a bridge is an excellent option when the rest of the teeth are healthy.

Once the teeth are to the point that they must all come out, the dentist will suggest the use of Dentures Greenville WI. Dentures, which are also known as false teeth, are designed to fit over the gums. Unlike regular teeth, the denture is a soft material that requires extra care. One small problem that first-time denture users have is the denture no longer fitting after the swelling goes down. This is common and can be avoided by waiting a while for the gum to recede a little. However, it is better to get the first set of dentures and wear them so you get used to the way they fit, then get a new pair when they no longer fit properly.

Improperly fitting dentures are one of this product’s biggest failings. It isn’t the fault of the dentures themselves or the dentist that creates them. Instead, it is the result of wear on the gums and recession of the gum material as a result of gum decay. Gum decay is similar to gingivitis, and can result from over-use of dirty dentures. You can reduce these effects by cleaning the dentures daily and keeping your mouth as clean as possible. It will also help to visit the dentist as soon as the dentures begin to slip. Your dentures should fit snugly over the gums and rest smoothly against the jawbone. This allows you to chew properly and smile with ease. If you need new or replacement Dentures Greenville WI, be sure to contact an expert like Barnes & Associates Dentistry SC.

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