Important Information on Air Conditioning in Maintenance Oahu

Maintaining an air conditioner is crucial for making sure it stays in good working order. With proper maintenance, an air conditioning system’s life can be prolonged and a homeowner can avoid expensive repairs and the cost of replacement. Through these tips, people will learn more about Air Conditioning Maintenance Oahu so they can make sure they fully understand how to properly take care of their system.

One of the most important aspects of Air Conditioning Maintenance Oahu is changing the filters on a regular basis. Filters will typically last thirty to sixty days, depending on the level of usage and the type of filter being used. Ideally, filters should be changed every thirty days and checked weekly during periods of high usage to ensure they are not becoming clogged with dirt and debris. Changing the filters on a regular basis will allow the system to continue working properly without overheating.

The condensate tray and drain need to be cleaned at least once a month. Cleaning the tray and pouring a small amount of bleach down the drain pipe will allow the mold and mildew growth to be inhibited. Unfortunately, mold and mildew growth can clog the drain pipe and cause water to build up. By cleaning the drain and tray on a regular basis, a homeowner can help to keep their system draining properly.

Keeping weeds, bushes and grass trimmed away from the outdoor condenser is crucial for proper operation. Unfortunately, these can choke the condenser and cause the system to begin overheating. Homeowners should also make sure they check the outer grill of the system to ensure there is no debris that could be sucked down into the condenser fan. This is especially important after a storm occurs.

Those who need their air conditioner serviced or repaired should contact Air Source Air Conditioning. They are the HVAC experts that can help homeowners keep their systems running properly. Call them today and have them come out and check your system to ensure it is working properly. If any issues are found, they can properly repair the system to ensure it is restored to its proper working order.