Important Details About Affordable Dentures

In Texas, dental patients discuss possibilities with dentists for replacing missing teeth. When a patient is missing a substantial amount of teeth, it is vital to choose a device that replaces multiple teeth at once. A local dentist explains what patients need to know about affordable dentures.

Extracting All Damaged Teeth

When the patient’s teeth are too far gone, the dental professional conducts a total extraction procedure. The patient is sedated, and all their teeth are removed in preparation for affordable dentures in Amarillo. The healing process takes up to six weeks. During the healing process, the gums shrink.

Creating a Mold for the Dentures

The dentist creates a mold of the patient’s teeth by getting the patient to bite down on the mold. The device creates a replica of the ridges of the patient’s gums. The ridges will help hold the dentures in place and prevent them from slipping. The mold must reflect the exact shape and size of the gums.

Fitting the Patient for Dentures

After the dentures are created, the dentist schedules an appointment for a fitting. The dentures are placed inside the patent’s mouth to determine if they fit properly. If the dentures cause rubbing or discomfort, the device is modified to provide a better fit. The dentist shows the patient how to use adhesive to secure the dentures in their mouth.

Replacing Denture After Damage

If for any reason the dentures become damaged, the patient should contact their dental professional. The dentist orders a new set of the dentures according to the dimensions and ridges of the gums. The dental professional informs the lab of any modifications that were used for the original pair. Some dentures come with a warranty, and the patient won’t face the cost of new dentures.

In Texas, dental professionals offer a wide assortment of devices for replacing missing teeth. Dentures are the most economical choice for tooth replacement. In most cases, dentures are covered more fully by dental insurance. The dentists create the dentures in a lab from a mold of the patient’s gums. Patients who need to learn more about affordable dentures contact Panhandle Dental for more details.

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