Illness Strikes Again: Urgent Care to the Rescue!

Your primary care doctor doesn’t have time for you, you do not need to visit an emergency room but you still have a sore throat and stuffy nose. When illness strikes, urgent care will come to the rescue! Medical assistance is something you should never be denied or made to wait for when it comes to facing an emergency room full of, well more serious emergencies. You need urgent care in Santa Ana from a clinic that has short wait times, a plethora of healthcare treatments, and a caring staff all certified to treat illnesses and minor injuries.

The Name Says It All

The name urgent care says it all. When you walk into an urgent care clinic, you can expect your illness to be treated fast. You will get the medical attention you need from a primary care physician that is on staff and able to diagnose your condition effectively. A wide variety of healthcare issues such as abrasions, allergies, bladder infections, asthma, colds, bronchitis, minor cuts and lacerations, ear infections, diarrhea, ear wax removal, hemorrhoids, eye infections, the flu, laryngitis, insect and bee stings, lacerations, splinter removal, sinus infections, stomach flu stomach aches, strep throat, swimmer’s ear, surfing injuries and many other adult and pediatric ailments can all be treated.

Urgent Care Is Quite Cost Effective

One of the best reasons to use urgent care is that it is cost effective. Many insurance companies will cover urgent care trips. You may want to check with your insurance company first about specific urgent care facilities in your area. An urgent care visit is usually quite cost effective and costs as much or less than a visit to your primary care physician and much less than a trip to the emergency room. You will receive the comprehensive care you need. Urgent care, as described by the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine, is described as having specific components of both emergency medicine and family medicine.

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