If you’ve been arrested and need DUI help Martinsburg WV knows the best DUI lawyer

Sitting handcuffed in the back of a police car after being arrested for DUI is a major reality check. There are a lot of life-changing questions and not any answers. Whether or not the chemical test was taken, there is huge uncertainty as to whether or not that was the best thing to do. The only sure thing is that the police car is pulling in to the jail. When people were arrested on TV, it never looked as though they felt this humiliated or confused.

DUI convictions are not minor. The defendant’s life is changed forever, period. Bad decisions can have unforeseen consequences, and they won’t be good. Remaining employed may be a problem. The worst decision would be to try to handle everything alone. West Virginia’s DUI laws are harsh. For example, the DMV will be notified of the arrest within 48 hours and the driver’s license will be immediately suspended. If the suspension is challenged within 30 days, the driver will be able to lawfully drive until the DMV hearing. The DMV does not allow drivers with suspended licenses to drive for any reason, including driving to work. How long a suspension lasts depends on the facts of the case, as determined by a DMV hearing. Some drivers will become eligible to drive by participating in an alchohol lock and test program.

The DMV can take away someone’s right to drive. The criminal court can take away their freedom. For DUI help Martinsburg WV defendants need someone with experience to represent them. The number of previous DUI convictions greatly impacts the amount of potential jail time being faced and the amount of the fine that will need to be paid. Since 2010, it has been possible for some first-time DUI offenders to eventually have their convictions expunged from court records.

Felony DUI convictions send someone to prison for up to ten years, making them a convicted felon for the rest of their lives. For felony DUI help Martinsburg WV relies on the Wagner Law Firm. Harley Wagner and his experienced team spend 100% of their time handling DUI cases. Harley literally wrote the book on DUI cases: West Virginia DUI Defense. He and one other lawyer are the only WV lawyers who have been trained to operate West Virginia’s designated secondary breath machine. When someone needs DUI help Martinsburg WV calls Harley Wagner