If You Need a Zoning Change, Get Help From an Experienced Zoning Attorney in Nassau County, NY

Many people don’t realize the impact of zoning until they become involved in a real estate transaction. On the other hand, the first question that a real estate investor will typically ask is, “How is the property zoned?” This is a critical question. A property may be perfect in every other way for the intended use, but don’t sign anything if the zoning is wrong. First discuss the situation with a Zoning Attorney Nassau County NY.

What is Zoning?

Zoning is how governments control how property can be used. When an area is zoned “residential,” you can’t buy a vacant lot in the middle of a housing development to build a noisy auto body shop. Well, you could buy the lot, but would be very unlikely to get a zoning change to run this hypothetical auto body shop in a residential neighborhood.

There are many reasons for requesting a zoning change. Land developers, for example, buy tracts of land with the intent of getting the zoning changed and then reselling the land to contractors.

Variance and Special Use Applications

Suppose that someone wants to open a daycare in a residential community. They would need to request a variance or special use permit to allow that particular piece of property to be used for the daycare. Before going very far with this project, it would be recommended that they consult a knowledgeable Zoning Attorney in Nassau County NY. There will be neighbors who will have strong feelings pro and con. Eventually a decision will be reached by the proper authorities and the daycare would either be allowed or not.

* When applying for a variance, it’s necessary to demonstrate that it is necessary in order for the property to provide a reasonable return. In order to run a daycare, it might be necessary to build a structure that would not normally be permitted in that location.

* A special use permit is often applied for when someone wants to open a small home-based business.

Article 78 Proceedings

Most zoning issues are far more complex. Proposed zoning changes can be denied by state or local authorities. An Article 78 proceeding appeals the issue to the New York courts. .

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