If You Have Been Injured on the Job You Need to Talk With the Worker’s Comp lawyer in Lawrenceville

An accident on the job needs to be reviewed with a workers compensation lawyer who is experienced in all aspects of the filing and hearing processes. You are entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills and your lost income. Unfortunately, being entitled and collecting are two different matters which can be very daunting to the average worker. This is because insurance companies and employers are seldom eager to pay out benefits.

If you review your case with a Worker’s Comp lawyer in Lawrenceville, then you will get skilled and experienced advice which will help you file a claim with successful results. This is important because a skilled attorney knows where all of the problem areas are in the filing process and he can make sure you avoid them.

If you file without counsel, then you are travelling a path which may end up nowhere. Then you have a second chance to file, but without help from an attorney you will likely find yourself in the same place. A worker’s compensation attorney will guide you through the maze of paperwork which is required and the questions which need to be answered.
The second filing has a high probability of failing to get you the desired results. You have the option to file for an Administrative Law Hearing. This is not the formal court room process that you see on TV. These hearings are almost casual, and they certainly do not have the formality of a trial.

The hearings are usually held in a conference room where an administrative law judge presides over the hearing. His concern is letting everyone involved get the facts out for him to review. This process still requires a lawyer skilled in representing claimants in the hearing. The Worker’s Comp lawyer in Lawrenceville is the lawyer for the job.

The matter is now out of the hands of the insurance company and the employer and into the hands of a judge. No participant can deny the facts as they are presented. They may challenge the facts, but they will have to prove their assertions. It will be your attorney’s job to present the facts about your case and this may require professionals to testify. Your attorney will know which professionals to hire. Visit The Monk Law Firm to learn more about the Workers Compensation Process.

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