Ideas for Decorating with Candle Holders

In almost every home you visit, you will find candle decorations. Candles and attractive candle holders add a touch of warmth to any home and make it seem more inviting. Using candles as a theme seems like a natural way to celebrate holidays and special occasions.


The natural color schemes of candles used for Christmas decorations are red and green. White also works well. You can dress up white candles with red and green decorations such as ribbons, beads, or fabric. Gold is also a popular color for Christmas candle centerpieces. You can choose wood, glass, crystal, or other naturalcandle holders to accent your centerpiece.


The traditional colors of Halloween are orange and black, and candles trimmed with these colors add a more festive feel to a party or Halloween home decorations. If you are using candles at a children’s Halloween party, make sure they are out of reach of children and will not be easily knocked over. With the lights out, Halloween candles can be a spooky delight for any Halloween party!


Pastel greens, yellows, and blues are popular Easter colors and can be incorporated into an overall Easter candle decorating theme.Silver, gold, and white work well as ribbon or bead trimming for pastel-colored Easter candles. Spring flowers are also in bloom around Easter and make lovely accents for natural candle holders.

Fourth of July

Red, white and blue candles can add a patriotic touch to a home, family gathering, or fourth of July party. Red and white candle holders with blue trim works well for Fourth of July decorations. You could also choose natural candle holders and embellish with American flag ribbon to add a patriotic touch to your Fourth of July party.


A natural choice for enhancing the romance of a wedding celebration is the candle centerpiece. Candles used in weddings can be the traditional white or any color or combination of colors to match or complement the color scheme of the wedding. For a wedding, you may choose to use somewhat elaborate candle holders, or for simpler tastes, natural candle holders may make the most appealing option. A candle centerpiece is truly an eye-catching decoration that will set any wedding celebration aglow.
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