I will not spend USD 700 on a CBAP training

All of us work hard to earn our living.

USD 700 is possibly 2 to 4 days salary for many of us.

So, it is a real pertinent aspect to decide whether one should spend money on getting trained on CBAP or any other certification.

Now let us compute this amount in an overall perspective.

The total investment one makes while going for a certification examination are:

  1. Money spent on training: USD 700. Our CBAP training comes with 21 hours of training by experienced faculties, CBAP study guide with 100+ tips and mnemonics, 600 model questions. Post out training, we expect you study 50 hours to complete the certification.

  2. Money spent on certification fees: USD 700

  3. Time investment made: If you do self-study, you are likely to spend minimum 200 hours to prepare yourself in terms of knowledge of BABoK, make notes, mnemonics etc. One can buy additional question banks if studying alone by paying USD 100. So, you need to spend additional 150 hours if you are preparing yourself. Even at an extremely modest rate of USD 25 per hour, this will be between USD 3750.

  4. Out of pocket cost one incurs when one does not succeed first time: Lost time, need to prepare again and re-apply: 50 hours more preparation, USD 250 towards re-application, that’s another USD 1000

  5. I am not including non-tangible costs such as lost morale and social prestige. I am sure most of your close family and friends would know that you are going in for the examination.

  6. So, the overall cost is close to USD 5750.

  7. Now USD 700 is just over 10% of whole preparation cost.

  8. This 10% investment can increase the possibility to pass by 90%.

So, it’s your call now. Visit site for more information.

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