Hurricane Preparation: Know an Emergency plumber in Jacksonville FL

Florida is a great place to live but it is a hurricane magnet. Even tropical storms can dump enough water to damage homes and plumbing. Here are some tips on getting your plumbing ready for hurricane season in Florida.

Find an Emergency Plumber

Never take it for granted that your usual plumber offers emergency services or is available to come out to you after a big storm. Ask your usual plumber if he or she is also an Emergency plumber in Jacksonville FL. It’s best to have numbers for at least two emergency plumbers since all will be busy after a hurricane. To find an emergency plumber in the Jacksonville area click here for more info.

Have Your Drain System Inspected

Any clogs or weaknesses in your sewer line will cause your drains and septic tank to back up during heavy rainfall. Make sure this does not happen by getting your drains inspected and cleaned. Even if you do not have a septic tank and use the municipal sewer system, you still should get your drains inspected for clogs.

Clean Your Gutters

In order to have large amounts of water flow off of your roof and away from your home, the gutters need to be clear. At least once a year, get your gutters inspected and cleaned. They also need to see if they are loose and need refastening.

Check Your Drainspout

Make sure your drain spout is securely fastened to your home. Make sure nothing is clogging the drain spout or where the water will pour out. Clear the spout opening area of vegetation or other debris.

Get a Battery System For Sump Pumps

Electricity often goes out during hurricanes. This spells disaster if you rely on a sump pump. Invest in a separate battery system to keep the sump pump going even when the lights go out.

Make Sure Your Bathtub is Working

You may lose water or have contaminated water come out of pipes after a hurricane. Make sure your bathtub is working to fill it with drinkable water after a hurricane. Contact an Emergency plumber in Jacksonville FL to get your tub fixed as soon as possible.

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