How Wrongful Death Attorneys Pittsburgh Help Clients

If one of your family members sustained fatal injuries due to the negligence of another person, you may have a strong wrongful death case. Wrongful Death Attorneys Pittsburgh help the family of the departed person by recovering restitution for damages related to the death. This restitution includes all the medical bills, all expenses related to the care of the person who died, and more.

Who Does a Wrongful Death Lawyer Represent?

The situations in which Wrongful Death Attorneys Pittsburgh represent clients can be varied. Some of the most common reasons for wrongful death claims include:

1. Death of a family member following improper medical treatment
2. Death of a family member in an auto accident
3. Death of a family member following a workplace injury
4. Death of a family member due to use of an unsafe product

What Type of Compensation is Made in Wrongful Death Cases?

Naturally, money can’t ever compensate your family for the loss of a human life. However, the compensation in wrongful death cases can remove the burden of outstanding medical bills and other expenses. The compensable damages in a wrongful death case can include any or all of the following.

1. Medical bills related to the injury that caused death
2. Any costs related to the accident and death, if done for the benefit of the deceased
3. Burial or cremation cost
4. Funeral cost
5. The future income that the deceased would have made
6. Emotional and physical pain and suffering of the deceased and the family

The things listed above are not the only possible types of restitution in wrongful death cases. As long as your family is suffering because of the wrongful death of your loved one, that suffering is likely to deserve compensation. The amount of the settlement in a wrongful death case will depend largely upon the medical damages of the deceased, and the degree of damages caused to the survivors.

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