How to Use Rolled Fondant to Create Professional-Looking Cakes

Have you ever marveled at the smooth, beautiful cakes bakeries offer for weddings and special events? That flawless finish is created using rolled fondant, a dough-like, edible sugar mixture that can be rolled out using a fondant rolling pin and is then laid over the cake and smoothed out. It can then be exquisitely decorated or left plain if the recipient prefers.

Many people see fondant as the mark of a professionally-made cake, but you can make and use fondant right in your kitchen! Here are some tips for using fondant to create beautiful cakes your friends and family will love.

Make It Yourself

One of the biggest pieces of advice a baker would offer a home cook when using fondant for cakes is that it should be made in-house. For you, that means making your fondant. The store-bought variety – available form many craft stores and baking supply retailers – is fine, but it can be both pricey and lackluster in flavor. If you want to wow your guests, make your fondant using one of many recipes available online.

Handle with Care

The only real drawback to working with fondant is that it can be somewhat delicate. To ensure great-looking and tasty results, follow these tips for handling your fondant:

  • Roll it out right. You’ll need silicone or other nonstick fondant rolling pin – available through baking supply retailers – to ensure you don’t tear your fondant as you roll it.

  • Fondant is prone to drying out, so if you’ll need a little while to prepare your cake or need to store your fondant for a while before using it, wrap it in an airtight container or plastic wrap and pop it into the refrigerator.

  • Fondant needs a base to stick to, so always frost or glaze your cake or cupcakes to ensure your fondant will adhere properly.

Working with fondant can help you create some of the most beautiful, delicious cakes you’ve ever imagined – and your guests will be amazed. Once you get the hang of it, you may never buy another professionally-made cake again!

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