How to Replace Conventional Urinals with Water Free Urinals

Once you have considered the many financial advantages of replacing traditional plumbing and urinals with waterless alternatives, the water free urinal is an obvious choice for most organizations. Reducing the waste of water is excellent for the environment, while your organization vastly reduces your water bill and regular maintenance costs. Is it cost-effective to replace your current units with waterless varieties?

Easy Work for A Qualified Plumber

To replace the traditional urinal with a water free urinal is a relatively simple task for a trained plumber. The most essential and important task is to ensure that the water pipes and flushing cisterns are removed and capped off so that water cannot flood into the washroom.

Having removed all the traditional plumbing, all that is left is to replace the traditional urinal with a water free urinal model. While the fitting process is completely straightforward, it does require care and diligence to ensure that the new unit is installed efficiently, which will assist the unit to remain odor free.

Most parts required will traditionally fit both conventional and modern water free urinals. You will be purchasing the modern variety from a company that is expert in understanding all the plumbing codes and they will able be to offer a full explanation about the installation of their units.

Where parts differ from the traditional model, the eco-trap that forms a liquid or oil above the urine, to prevent any foul odors being able to make their way back into the restroom, these are all provided as part of the system within the new purchase.

Once the new unit has been installed and any water supply capped and the trap installed, any qualified plumber will understand how to check for leaks, before installing the necessary cartridge or liquid that forms the odorless seal.

After your plumber has installed the first urinal, they will find that all additional units are quick and easy to install and they should allow between one and two hours to complete each urinal replacement.

Waterless Co Inc has operated for over a quarter of a century with the founder being the original inventor of water free urinals. For a new build and design, it is easy to install a waterless urinal system or it is straightforward to replace your current system with this new technology to reduce your water bill and plumbing problems.

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