How to Remove Your Old Roofing in Champaign, IL

If you have a deteriorating roof, it is important you consider replacing it. That does not necessary mean installing new shingles over the old ones. Doing so can reduce the lifespan of your roof. Instead, you should strip away the deteriorating roof system and start with clean asphalt, tile, slate or any other type of roofing material your heart desires. Here are some tips to help you remove your Roofing in Champaign IL, in a safe and successful manner.

Step 1: Prepare For the Job

If you are planning to remove your old roofing system, it is important you take time  to prepare for the job. First, contact your town or building inspector to determine if you will require a permit for the job. After that is settled, you will need to rent a dumpster to have a place to discard your old roofing material. Additionally, it is essential also position plywood against the sides of your home to protect any doors, windows or electrical fixtures.

Step 2: Assemble a Solid Team

Removing your old roofing system is not job you would want to do alone. It is advisable you assemble a solid team of about three people, so that the work will be easier. Ensure that everyone on the team clearly understands the extent of the job. Remember to remind them about essential safety tips before they start working.

Step 3: Time to Remove the Shingles

When it is time to replace your roof, you will need a roofer’s shovel, which has a square end that slides under the shingles and pries up nails. Insert the shovel under the exposed end of the shingle, ensuring that the teeth of the shovel are positioned below the roofing nails. Next, twist the shovel to pry the nails, and remove the shingle. After all the shingles are removed, comb through the roof and remove any leftover nails. Finally, pick all the fallen shingles around your house and deposit them in the dumpster.

With a good knowledge of the above steps, you will certainly have an easy time removing your old Roofing in Champaign IL. However, depending on the nature of your roof, it is important you engage a qualified roofing contractor to ensure that the work is done properly. To get professional help for completing your roofing replacement, click here for additional info.

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