How to Prepare for an Uncontested Divorce in Douglasville, GA

An uncontested divorce in Douglasville, GA, can be the easiest way to dissolve a marriage. Both you and your spouse have agreed on child support, custody and the division of assets. If done properly, it is more amicable than going through a contested divorce.

Conversely, running into issues can ruin the process. Even when you and your spouse find common ground, divorce is hard. Knowing the issues, steps and precautions you can take helps to ensure everything gets finalized without complications.

An Important Advantage

Emotions can run high when you begin separating the life you and your family have known for years. If you have children, working towards a cooperative and decent relationship with your soon-to-be-ex can affect your quality of life in positive ways.

Going through a bitter divorce battle, however, can lead to lifelong strain and tension. With an uncontested divorce, you have the advantage of avoiding an emotionally draining experience.

The 3 Biggest Issues in a Divorce

Generally, there are three issues that get the most attention during divorce negotiations. Legal custody, whether physical or joint, settles decisions about medical care, education and where your child will live. These decisions will also affect who pays child support.

The third biggest issue is deciding how marital property gets divided. Real estate, investments, bank and retirement accounts and debts are usually considered.

Get Legal Expertise with Filing for a Divorce

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