How to Make Your Child Less Scared When Visiting the Family Doctor in St Paul MN

Taking your child to a Family Doctor in St. Paul MN, for the first time can be pretty scary for them. They don’t know what to expect, and they don’t know the doctor that will ask questions and examine them. You want to make meeting the doctor easier for your child. Follow these tips to make your child more comfortable at the doctor’s office.

Bring a Favorite Toy

It used to be that a family doctor would have plenty of toys in the waiting room for kids to play with while they wait. During and after the Covid-19 pandemic, that may not be the case. Toys are an excellent distraction for nervous kids. It is an excellent idea to bring your own. Whether it’s a stuffed animal or toy truck, your child can take it along to the examining room and keep a hold of it during the visit. The child recognizes it as their own and takes comfort from the toy.

Introduce Child to the Staff

As soon as you walk into the clinic, smile at the receptionist and introduce your child. At a family practice, the employees will be more than happy to meet your child, smile, and say hello. It’s their job to help your child feel comfortable. When your child sees you taking the initiative in meeting the staff, your child will immediately feel safer. If mommy or daddy says someone is nice, then it must be true, right? Do the same with the nursing staff and the doctor, so your child sees everyone as a friend.

Explain What to Expect in Gentle Words

Before going to the doctor, talk to your child about what will happen. Explain how the doctor will examine your child, but do so without using harsh, scary words. Don’t say that the doctor will poke your child with a needle. Instead, explain how a shot helps your child stay healthy so that they understand why the doctor is giving the shot. Do the same with other parts of the examination, such as why the doctor will check reflexes and listen to the heart and lungs.

With these tips, your child should feel less scared when going to the doctor and during the visit. For more information on a Family Doctor in St. Paul, MN, check out the Pediatric & Young Adult Medicine.

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