How To Make The Most Of Personalized Promotional Products

One of the fastest and most cost efficient ways to advertise your business is by giving away personalized promotional products. Studies have consistently shown that these products are more likely to be used by potential consumers, making your branding stick out more than through the use of print, radio, or television advertising. There are a ton of personalized promotional products available for business to buy, giving business owners and marketing departments a variety of choices when it comes to advertising the business. With so many options available, it can be hard to figure out the best way to use these promotional products. Here are a few tips.

Go With A Useful Item

When selecting the promotional product you wish to personalize and use to advertise your business, be sure to select something that will receive a lot of use. There is no better way to spread the word about your company than word of mouth. Current consumers who use products branded with your company’s information are more likely to share this information with their friends and co-workers than consumers who don’t have it readily available. In some cases, a promotional item will be interesting enough to spark interest in your brand even without word of mouth advertising. The best way to ensure this happens is to give items that will receive a lot of use. Things like tote bags, pens, apparel and water bottles are items consumers need to use in their every day lives in any event, and serve as additional advertising.

Target Your Item To Your Market

If you work in the technology industry, a great promotional item could be a mouse pad or USB drive. These items are necessary for your consumers to use, and also serve as a link between your company and their needs. It also serves as an environmental reminder – when your consumer is at their computer ready to order a piece of technology, your brand will literally be at their fingertips.

Consider Giving Away Multiples

Instead of giving just one mouse pad or just one pen, consider giving away two to each customer. This encourages the consumer to gift the additional item to a friend, co-worker, or family member, spreading your brand’s message even further. The cost for additional items tends to be low if the promotional product is purchased in bulk but the payoff to the business can be huge.

Logo or Not?

Depending on the item, your company’s logo may not be an ideal choice. Depending on the size of your logo, the colors involved, and the image itself, it may be too small to fit on things like pens or pencils. In these cases, your company’s name and website are ideal choices. With larger items, such as water bottles or hats, however, your logo should be front and center, to solidify the link between the product and your brand.

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