How to Know When You Need a Plumber for Toilet Repairs

Every homeowner is familiar with the sound of a toilet that won’t flush. It’s the sound that helps bring about that sinking feeling when you know you have to grab a plunger and start messing around with the toilet. However, after you’ve plunged the toilet a few times and it starts flushing normally, you feel a sense of accomplishment at fixing your own plumbing issue.

Not every issue you have with your toilet is going to require the use of a plumbing contractor. Ventura has a number of reliable plumbers who are available 24/7, but there are plenty of toilet repairs you can make on your own. However, if what you’re doing doesn’t seem to be working well or even for the long-term, it’s best to contact a plumber and get a diagnosis of the problem.

Overflowing and Clogged Toilets
This is one of the simple repairs. You buy a cheap plunger and plunge out the toilet and watch it start flushing normally. Sometimes, even with our best efforts, the toilet continues to remain clogged and continually overflow. You could have a blockage in the drainage pipe, or if you’re operating a septic system it could be clogged. If you have a clogged, overflowing toilet that’s not responding to a plunger, get a hold of a plumbing contractor in Ventura for help.

Leaky, Smelly Toilets
Toilets that leak around the base often begin to smell. The problem is usually a broken down wax seal, located under the base of the toilet where the toilet meets the floor. Although this isn’t a difficult repair, if you’re not familiar with removing your toilet from the floor and replacing the seal, you may want to contact a plumber.

Ventura professional plumbers are used to dealing with all sorts of problems, and what may seem like a small toilet issue could lead to something bigger so it’s best to get to the root of a problem fast with professional assistance.

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