How to Identify the Best Hand Dryers for Your Needs

In the market for a new hand dryer for your business, school or restaurant? You’ll be happy to know that new technology and designs have allowed dryers to become more efficient and powerful. However, there are also many more models than ever before to consider. How do you choose the best hand dryers for your needs?

Know the Type You Want

One of the first considerations when buying new hand dryers is to know the type that you need. There are several options on the market.

Traditional: Traditional hand dryers are the oldest style on the market. They have an on the button that must be pressed manually, which can be unsanitary, and they are slower than more advanced models. However, they are the most affordable options.

High-Speed: High-speed hand dryers are exactly what they sound like – high-performance models that can dry hands in around 10 seconds or so. They come in a range of configurations, including vertical (hands inserted), and standard. They use less energy than other types and can save money in the long run.

Automatic: Automatic hand dryers use an infrared sensor to detect the user’s hands below the blower vent. When it detects their hands, it automatically turns on. It will run for a specific period if the user does not remove their hands, but will also turn off immediately if the user removes their hands before the timer runs out.

Consider the Noise Produced

To be clear, all models produce at least some noise. However, the best hand dryers will not produce too much noise and will balance noise production with performance. For instance, a high-speed dryer might be louder than a standard dryer, but since it can dry hands in a fraction of the time, the noise produced is less intrusive because it lasts for a shorter duration.

Vandalism Resistance/Durability

Sadly, many businesses, schools, and other facilities must cope with vandalism from time to time. Hand dryers are among the most frequently vandalized pieces of bathroom equipment. Modern hand dryers offer vandalism resistance and improved durability to help withstand the most determined efforts of vandals.

Ultimately, finding the best hand dryers is a complex process that requires knowing your needs and budget, and working with a leading manufacturer. Visit for more information.

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