How to Hire the Right Sheet Metal Company

Every industry needs fabricated metal products, and there is no shortage of metal fabrication vendors that offer services. The following tips can help in hiring the right Cleveland metro area company for custom metal fabrication needs.

Determining the Job Requirements
Every company should know their own business. Those needs should be thoroughly communicated so that metal shops can deliver the range of work required. Work may require laser cutting, CNC forming, welding, assembly/finishing, 3D modeling and design, structural sawing, equipment installation, field welding, plant maintenance, turnkey HVAC system design, duct fabrication, and more.

Expect a qualify sheet metal fabrication company to inquire about the needed strengths of the product. Make sure an adequate budget is provided for the amount of materials needed to complete the job. Determine if prototyping or custom metal work is required. A quality company will also offer B2B and B2C services and be flexible enough to handle any client’s needs.

Determining the Project’s Cost
There will always be a price tag, whether the job requires a custom-cut plate, special weld, or pipes that are made-to-order. In that quality metal jobs are often required, the price will rarely be standard. Quotes from several companies should be sought to find the best pricing and to source different specialties.

Ask for Testimonials
Any sheet metal fabricator that offers commendable services should be able to provide convincing testimonials. This provides an opportunity for companies to get in touch with clients to see if they are satisfied with the fabricator’s level of work. It is recommended to visit locations to access the quality of work. Was the work completed to specification? Was metal bended precisely? Was the client happy with every stage of the production process? Does the fabrication company have a professional online presence that keeps customers informed? Does the company have a strong safety record?

The key is to partner with companies that are expert in the art of custom fabrication. The company should also be able to handle any job, from small pieces to systems that range in the millions. Look for companies that offer an entire package including design, bending, welding, painting, shipping, and installing. With respect to a need for solutions in sheet metal, Avon Lake and the Cleveland metro area have a number of high-tech, manufacturing, and healthcare companies that are helping drive the region’s new economy.

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