How to Handle a Wrongful Death in Queens, NY

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Lawyers

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When a person passes away unexpectedly, their family may have difficulty covering medical bills, funeral expenses and dealing with the change in income. If the person dies because of the direct or indirect action of another person or a business, their family may be entitled to compensation for the death to help them cover these expenses. The first step the family needs to take is to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Direct or Indirect Action

Most cases of wrongful death in Queens NY area, are based on indirect actions, otherwise regarded as negligence. In these cases, the person at fault could have taken steps to prevent the death, but failed to do so. An example of this would be when an employer fails to properly train employees on the safety features of dangerous equipment. It can also occur in a variety of other scenarios, such as car accidents, medical malpractice, or dog attacks. Direct action is when a person dies as a result of a person’s actions, such as when a person is murdered.

Contacting an Attorney

The attorney is going to help the family make sure they receive the compensation they’re entitled to. They will start by determining fault and the amount of compensation. Then, they will attempt to negotiate a settlement with the person who caused the death or their insurance company. If they cannot negotiate a fair settlement, the case will go to court. They’ll work to make sure the compensation includes medical bills, funeral expenses and lost wages so the family won’t have to suffer financially from their loss. They will also represent the family if the case needs to go to court and instruct the family on how the case is likely to proceed. They’ll provide all of the legal advice for the family so the family can be sure everything is being done to help them obtain the compensation they need and are entitled to.

Although a person’s death comes as a shock to friends and family, if it qualifies as a Wrongful Death in Queens NY, the family can obtain the compensation they need to avoid being financially devastated. In any case where a Wrongful Death is suspected, the family should contact an attorney as soon as possible so they can start working on the case.

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