How To Find The Best Auto Repair Shop

Finding the best shop for auto repair in Nashville and the surrounding area can protect the investment you have in your vehicle. Cars today are complicated machines and it pays to keep them properly maintained. You will want to find a trustworthy group of mechanics who care not only about your car but also your repeat business.

You basically have three options in finding the best auto repair in Nashville. You may take it to a dealership that sells your model vehicle. Generally these are larger operations where you drop your car off, talk to a service writer and then pick it up when it’s ready. The level of customer service varies from one dealership to another. Most of the mechanics have specialized training in maintaining and repairing vehicles sold by that particular dealership.

There are many national car repair chains and franchises available and they repair most model vehicles. If they need to replace a specific part they may have to pick it up from a local dealership or auto parts store. Most quick lube and oil change shops fall under this category. If your vehicle only needs an oil change these types of shops may be your best option. The quality of the customer service depends on the manager and mechanics who work in each individual shop.

Your third option is to find a locally owned repair shop that most likely will be family owned. In fact, one of the owners may be the mechanic working on your vehicle. If you are a regular customer the mechanics will get to know your vehicle and can provide options on getting it repaired. Many of these mechanics get the same training and certifications as the ones at dealerships or the national repair chains. If you have a high performance vehicle you should look for a local shop that specializes in fixing your particular make and model. One big benefit to having repairs done for auto repair Nashville at a locally owned shop is that your money stays in the community.

No matter what option you choose there are a variety of resources you can use to locate the best auto repair in Nashville. Ask family and friends to recommend any services they’ve used and liked. Check your community newspapers to see if they have a “best” contest for residents to nominate their favorite local merchants, including repair shops or mechanics. A repair shop that has a reputation for poor service is not likely to make the list.

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