How to Effectively Transport Wet and Soiled Clothing in Your Vehicle

As you drive your new vehicle off the lot from your Acura dealer near Vernon Hills, one of your first concerns may be how to keep your car clean and smelling fresh. One of the most challenging times to do this is during the summer as wet and soiled clothing is brought into your vehicle regularly. Here are a few tips to help you transport this clothing in a way that keeps your car looking showroom ready.

Seal It Tight

Conventional wisdom would indicate that a simple wet bag is sufficient for transporting damp and soiled clothes. However, these bags are not typically waterproof, meaning that any excess moisture (and excess foul odors) could escape the wet bag, causing issues in your vehicle’s interior. For an extra measure of protection, it’s a good idea to have several large, sealable, airtight bags on hand that can be used for clothes transportation. That way, no matter how long your trip is, you’re always assured of a fresh interior.

Fight the Odor

In the unfortunate event that any odors do escape the measures that you have in place, it’s important to be able to capture them before they become a major nuisance. That’s why you should place a box of baking soda in your trunk or cargo area to stop any smells in their tracks. Scented air fresheners are also an option, though they tend just to mask odors instead of actually removing them.

Check for Problems

When you arrive at your destination, it’s crucial to check for any signs of leaks from the bags in which you have placed the wet and soiled clothes. If excess moisture is present, it’s a good idea to use an old towel to absorb as much as possible, allowing the remainder to air dry. If you can, try to leave a window cracked to allow the moisture to escape your vehicle as it evaporates.

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