How To Ease Your Birmingham, AL, Back Pain If You Work On Your Feet All Day

Many workers have jobs that require them to stand for most of the day. When you stand all day, it creates a lot of stress on the spine. This can cause the person to have pain in their back and neck. It can also cause them to feel tired. If a worker has a severe case of back pain, they may need to see a back doctor in Birmingham, AL. The doctor can determine if your discs herniated, if you have nerve damage, or if there are any other obvious causes for your pain. This article will give workers some tips for reducing the pain that can come from being on your feet all day.

Wearing Good Shoes

Some jobs require that you wear boots while you work. Examples can include construction or contractor work. Choose shoes based on how they feel, not their look. Don’t wear slip-ons on the job. Make sure your shoes have good inner linings.

Taking Breaks

When you get the chance, use your breaks to get off your feet. You can also rest your entire body during this time.

Change Your Standing Positions

Try to vary the way that you stand. First, favor your left foot. Then favor your right foot. This can ease your stress points as you go about your day.

Good Posture

Stand with a straight back whenever you can. When you have good posture, it distributes your weight a lot more evenly. It also takes some pressure off of your joints. But if you have pain in your back or joints that come from your work tasks, see a back doctor in Birmingham, AL. Southlake Orthopaedics Sports Medicine and Spine Center provides state-of-the-art care for your back and joints. For more information, visit

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