How to decorate your cakes with fondant plunger cutters

A freshly baked cake has a warm and comforting smell as well as a beautiful golden brown coating on the outside. The cake is primed and ready to be decorated at this stage and all that is needed is a wonderful coat of fondant. However what can be done with the fondant to make it even more special? The answer lies with fondant plunger cutters. Sometimes mistaken for cookie cutters, these wonderful tools work wonders in fondant and make it truly stand out.

What are fondant plunger cutters

Fondant plunger cutters are cutters that are used to make decorative shapes in the fondant when pressed firmly into the surface. The shapes can vary from simple and basic to elaborate and intricate. The type of detail depends on the fondant plunger cutters you purchase. The finer the detail the more work involved in transferring the decorations onto the surface of the cake. If you are considering using fondant plunger cutters, it is essential to consider which type you would like to buy and whether or not you can skillfully place the fondant onto the cake’s surface.

When to use fondant plunger cutters

Bakers can use fondant plunger cutters any time that they would like to enhance the look and appeal of their cakes. This wonderful tool adds just a bit more detail which allows you to enjoy the results even more. Not all fondant plunger cutters are high quality so it is essential to take the time to source the very best ones so you can be assured of getting great results for your fondant.

What shapes can you make in the fondant?

Fondant plunger cutters can be used to create a wide variety of different types of shapes in the fondant. From lattice edging to precious flowers, there is no end to the wonderful array of shapes that can be cut out to decorate your cakes.

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