How to Commission Makeup Air Units

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Air Conditioning

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After your makeup air units have been installed, it is important that you commission the work of the installing company. Commissioning the installed makeup air units is important due to the potential pressure imbalance within the building. There are two major types of makeup air units: the indirect fired and the direct fired makeup air units. However, it is important that you engage a reputable company to offer you quality makeup air services. In Minnesota there are various companies that you can consult for your commercial air makeup needs. Here are some of the guidelines of how you can commission your newly installed indirect makeup air system.

Assemble the entire proper instrument

The first step to take when commissioning your makeup air units is to assemble all the proper equipment you require in the process. The major instruments should include amperage, a voltage, a tachometer, a thermometer and a u tube manometer. These are some of the major instruments that you should you have. However, it is important that you check the start up instruction to know the particular unit to be installed. Most manufactures usually include the start up document which should be filled out and submitted together with the commissioning report.

Do the checking

Start by making sure that the fan wheel rotates freely without rubbing on anything. Take time to check the other elements of the drive to make sure that everything is aligned and working in the right order. Check the voltage before starting the the system. Turn on the fan to ensure that it is rotating in the proper direction. You can then measure the actual running load amperage, actual voltage and the speed. Lastly, measure that air delivery and compare it to the design. Remember to check the gas pressure and measure the discharge. It is important that you look for an expertise to offer you quality makeup Commercial Air services. Make Up Air Minnesota companies are committed to offer quality makeup air services that will make your commission process easier and successful.

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